Prayer for strength and a permanent solutions

by Kit (Midwest)

Please pray for my husband who is a very hard worker and dedicated to doing his best at work and for his family. His boss is unrelenting and will not give him any help or encouragement, only reprimands, demands and criticisms. My husband is stressed to the limit and is starting to doubt himself.

To make it worse, he is out of town and is staying at work over the next few weekends to try and finish the extra duties his boss has given him thereby depriving him time with his two children and wife at home who miss him and are worried about him, We are thankful every day we are both employed and pray that he does not get let go from his job, but please pray for a change for the better at work for my husband and for strength for him to persevere and know what a good man he is. I am worried about his health too.

Thank you!