Prayer for strenghtening our relationship

by Elizabeth (Norway)

Heavenly father please keep your hands over us and give us strenght to grow stronger together. Help us to focus on the good things we have and keep loving and supporting each other also when times are rough. We need you in our lives dear God. We need you to help us find the way when we are weak and almost giving up. Help us walk this path together in a better way, grow stronger every day. Help us being better persons for us selves and for every one around us, people we know and strangers we meet. Help us do good and prosper as a couple, as a family and as friends. Keep our love strong and let us not stray and loose our way. Let noone and nothing be able to come between us, tempt us to do wrong. Keep us safe and united, keep us eager to learn. Keep us humble to thank you every day for the wonders you bring. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.

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