Prayer for strenght and breakthrough for my husband and I

by Alonge D (Nigeria)

My husband and I live in Nigeria and have been married for a year plus, and since then things just dwindled. We both aren’t working, we are struggling. We don’t have a car, our rent is due and we can’t even pay. I have been looking for a job and nothing seems to be positive, not even interviews.we are weak and helpless. We even want children but we are not mentally, okay to even make that happen and our biological clock is ticking. It seems like our marriage was a mistake, but I believe marriage was ordained by God, thus ours can’t be a mistake. I ask you to please pray for my husband and I, to have a change this new year, to be favored by someone God sent and for this trial to pass , and the will of God be done concerning is in Jesus Name. amen!

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