Prayer for strained relationship

by Lynn (Maryland)

St. Jude, I pray for strained relationship with guy I was dating for 5 months that The Lord brought into my life and blessed me with one who not only ‘got me’ and understood the demands in my life but I also saw hope with. When we looked into each other’s eyes we saw completeness and wondered where the other had been.

Five weeks ago, I made a mistake that damaged this person’s trust and resurfaced old wombs from his previous marriage for him and mine as well. A week earlier, he harshly criticized me for things I do with my daughter, he apologized and I forgave him. But he struggles with forgiving me and hasn’t spoken to me since my mistake 5 weeks ago. I pray St. Jude to remove and to heal this situation. That this person ‘J’ will forgive me, soften his heart and return to the realization once again of what The Lord has blessed us with.

I also pray the negative voices that he has heard from the ‘gossipers’ and ‘naysayers’, which he quickly reminded me of, will grow silent. For you Lord know my heart changed 15 years ago, as my heart desires to follow your ways and not my own. These negative ones I know are filled with jealousy, envy and strife….and constantly strive to defeat and beat me down in this small town, yet, the Lord God continues to lift me, encourage and bless me. I am truly grateful for all blessings. Help us in this time of brokenness and disappointment.

Come to my assistance St. Jude in this time. Please heal our hearts and soften our hearts toward one another returning us to an even greater relationship. Come to my assistance in this great time of need and quickly restore this! Make use of that particular privilege accorded to thee, to bring visible and speedy help, where help is almost despaired of.

I pray all of this and promise to be mindful of this favor, thanking you St. Jude for your assistance, for The Lord Jesus saving me and giving glory to God!

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