Prayer for Staying Strong

by Clare (Victoria, Australia)

Dear God,

You are my wisdom, stength and guidance. You are the candle that guided me home when I thought that darkness was all that existed at the end of my path. You have been there when I thought I was alone. Please teach me to be a wiser, stronger person. I want to be a reflection of your love.

I need you now more than ever. I need you to keep me going. I cant give up now. I have doubted you before and you have humbled me in my errors of judgement. You have proven yourself to me when it was I who needed to prove myself to you.

I need your strength to face my consuming fears of darkness. I wish to know the feeling of happiness and give endless meaning, hope and love to my family. I know without you by my side I am overcome with energy by those who work against you. I ask you respectiviely to please stay with me, and fight for what is right. I am strong with you by my side. Thankyou so much, I really hope that I can get to know you some more. I love you. Amen.

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