Prayer for Stable Employment

by DY (Texas, USA)

Dear Lord,

I had been unemployed for almost a full year before becoming employed with a temporary agency. I have been employed for nine months and am so grateful that I have had the means to pay my bills and purchase necessities for myself and my child.

However, my job is not stable and I have been so worried that I would once again be left without a job and the means to support myself and my child. It is so hard to live life constantly wondering when your last day will be.

It is stressful wondering if you will receive another temporary job assignment or if you’ll be left without work, unemployment, government assistance, etc. because you have already gone through it all and no longer qualify.

After being told that October would be my last month of work, I threw myself into my job search. I firmly believe that “God helps those who help themselves”. I reworked my resume, renewed contact with my references and in the last few weeks, I have had several interviews.

I am proud of my accomplishments. It is a big deal to get a job interview these days. The problem is I become very nervous during my interviews and I have the tendency to say too much.

Lord, please help me become more confident as I continue my job search. Please help those whom I have already interviewed with see the potential I have within. I know I can do each and every one of the jobs I have interviewed for, if given the opportunity.


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