Prayer for stable employment and family issues

by Giovanni Pizzi (Montreal,Canada)

I have been praying very much to Our Lord Our Mother and many Saints in my life,I am a Catholic but very far from Sainthood,though I do try to put some effort in being good.I do attend mass every Sunday.

I have problems in the job finding issue.My last stable job after 8 years was in 2008 ,the company closed down due to Bankruptcy.And ever since then I had found 3 jobs and lost them all from closures and one merger.I feel cursed,I am 51 years old and really worried,it really feels like there is no hope,I had interviews and no luck.

This job instability has caused many problems with my wife,she is now working 2 jobs at times and I feel like a loser not being able to get one.She calls me a loser and a good for nothing and there arguments at leas 5 out of 7 days a week.My kids are getting sick of it.My wife never encouraged me in anything I did and we are not even sleeping in the same bed .

I lost the flame for her although I do still have some love for her.I don’t know what to do anymore.I know that there are worse problems in life and I do mention it in my prayers.I have been praying to St-Caytan(patron saint of the jobless) he seemed to have interceded for me this last job but after 5 months I was out because of a merger and it will be 3 months that I’m out of work but still praying to him.I pray first of all for all who ask for intercessions in their lives because I’m no better than anyone else .

And if the will of God that He help with my situation.I ‘m trying so hard to keep the faith,If anyone wants to pray for my cause,I will really appreciate it and may God grant you all you need the walk your path with joy.Thank you. Giovanni P.S Please pray if you want for my city and province Montreal,there’s a huge crisis,Thanks again Bless you all.