Prayer for stability,strength and inner peace

by Yanela Calero (West Palm Beach,FL)

Lord , i ask that you reassure me that my life is in your hands . These times are becoming very overwhelming and unbearbable at my work place. People have decieted me deeply. I ask that you either remove negative evil individuals from my life OR remove me from their surroundings and replace them with good souls.

I ask that you bless my finances to where they are enough to make it by without struggling. Lord im thankful for you giving me life even though i stumble alot. Please watch over me and never forget me as I’ve never forgotten you.

My life feels very unbalanced right now and i ask that you restore balance back to it. I have complete faith that this unwanting storm will pass and i will be able to see brighter days. In your holy name i pray. AMEN

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