Prayer for St Jude’s Intercession to the Almighty God for Protection Against Our Enemies

by Edith (Bowie, Maryland. USA)

I come to you Oh Lord with praises and thanksgiving. Without you I am a nobody I pray to you Oh Lord with the intercession of your Blessed Son Lord Jesus Christ and you St Jude to forgive me my sins and hear my cries of prayers.

I ask The Lord of his blessings in everything I do. I ask the Almighty God to heal my mother Margaret from very sickness in his bones and bring the devil to task I pray for condemnation of the evil spirit prowling around her and for all the sick people in this world I pray for my son Christopher and all my brothers sisters uncles aunts nephews nieces friends and even my enemies.

I pray for the desolate,the poor the sick, the dying, the orphan, the widow and widower, for the Holy Father Pope Francis and all the bishops, clergy,nuns,brothers,monks and sisters. I pray for all your Holy churches and for all who are calling upon your tender mercies. I pray for where there is war to be peace, I pray for this world that you touch the heart of each one of us and show us your mercy.

Thank you God. Thank you Jesus. Thank you St Jude and all the Angels and Archangels

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