Prayer for St. Jude to pay all my, my husbands and my father’s debts and also have extra money to fulfill our dreams and live life peacefully

St. Jude I am to you because today I am feeling helpless because of the financial crisis I and my loved ones going through. Me and my husband and my father we all are in debts. I have a home loan to pay-off, but unable to pay my EMIs on time. I have a job but the salary what I get is not enough to pay all my EMIs and manage other mis. expenses of household.

My husband has a business but unable to get enough work to clear his debts and pay regular bills and other expenses. My father is also in debts, he has a old house which he want to sell and clear-off his debts and live a peaceful life but due to some paper work he is not able to sell his property.

St. Jude please help me get a stable good paying job (Government job) so that I can manage all my expenses and do little savings for future and do not keep lending money and go out of the way to do wrong things to get money.(Please forgive me for the wrong I do for getting money, I am helpless). Please help me, listen to my prayer and bless me lord.

I pray on behalf of my husband, help him get work and help him get paid good so that he can clear all his debts and manage to pay all his bills and household expenses and do savings for future.

Our money problems seems not ending ever, one after another.We are unable to plan a baby due to our financial crisis. Please help us with our financial crisis and bless us with money to live a happy and peaceful life.

My father is also struggling to sell his old house due to paper issues, please help him find someone to buy his proprty so that he can clear his debts and lead a peaceful life.

St. Jude hear my prayer and bless us with money. I promise that I will remember you in my prayers, donate to needy and church and stop doing wrong things to earn money. Please help me, my husband, my father and all others who are in desperate need of money.

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