Prayer for St. Joseph for Closing on My Husband’s and My in Law’s Estate

I pray to the intercession of St. Joseph to handle, settle any and all approvals or authorization that are needed from the planing Boards, and zoning Board in Holy Spirit knows where in order to come to closing date prior to October 15,2015.

I give thanks and praise to Saint Joseph on behalf of all of my brother and sister in laws, and most of all for My Mother and Father in Law. May they rest in peace with the knowledge that their estate is settled, so that their children and grand children can get on with their lives. That we will all appreciate the blessings that come from the closing of their parents estate. Through the intercession of St.Joseph to his adoptive Son Jesus we give thanks and praise to the holy trinity for the having this estate to come to its final close prior to October 15, 2015.
Thank you Saint Joseph for being a father to all of us during this. Amen