Prayer for spouses and family members of accused persons

Dear Lord, thank You for your love and mercy through Your son Jesus Christ. I pray for all the family members, especially spouses, of accused persons that You may surround them in Your presence always to give them strength, courage and peace of mind.

Be their refuge, strong tower and defender for they face persecution, hatred and isolation.

Grant them Your peace that surpasses human understanding when they face those long hours of the unknown, being ignored when trying to help their loved one, when others lay judgement on them simply because they believe in mercy and forgiveness. It is a lonely and heartbreaking situation few consider. I am there right now, but thank You for your strength and wisdom. I ask this to be given to those in similar situations like mine. Grant that they may know Your will for these situations of stress and strive to see your countless blessings despite the hardship that inevitably will pass. One day we will be with You. For You are all that matters!

I ask that each grows strong to know they are not alone. In their tears as the anxiety rises, Jesus is their Saviour and holds them in his arms.

I pray even though we know not the end of this storm, we will praise You still and be comforted by Your love and peace.
I ask all these things for those who suffer as they support their accused loved ones in Jesus precious holy name.

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