Prayer for spiritual financial and emotional wellbeing

by Nthabiseng (Johanneesburg, Gauten, South Africa)

Dear Lord

I come to you as your Child, For I know that you are aware of the mistakes I made. I am a person who loves and is honest. I am in a finacial burden, I feel lost in the process beacause I ended up selling my appartment. I am now staying with my boyfriend Lord although that does not make things any better because I am emotionally torn. I do not have a good relationship with my mother. I am soo scared although I know you Lord are ahead of my journey. You Lord are my confider. I ask you to be in it with me. It is hard but I have faith. God’s plans are bigger than my mess. Thank you Lord for being soo true to me, Thank You Omnipresent for waking me up. Thank you Lord for the chance and blessing of life, thank you for the trials and tribulations, thank you for waking me up this morning. It is 12:00 on the dot and I haven’t heard any bad news for the day. I ask you to be merciful, to fill my hesrt with joy and my bank account without debts. May it be because of you that the house bond I applied for be approved. May I finish the loan I took in november. May I continue with my education and have accesive funding towards my studies, May I be registered as a permanent employee in my department Lord for I have served probation and my collegues are being signed except for myself. Lord may I not compare myself with others. Lord I ask you to please break all chains loose that are on my way of succeeding and reaching towards my goals, Please break the chains of lazyness, depression, anxiety anxiety, ulcers and all silly illnesses causing to stress. Lord I want to reach my full potential assist the world to be a better place, Please bless my hand so that the people I assist to apply for vacancies be called for interviews and employed. Lord thank you for my family, my friends and my competition. In Jesus mighty name

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