Prayer for spiritual and emotional healing

Dear Lord,

While You have blessed me with many good things, it is also true that I have known a tremendous amount of loneliness in my short life, and I find myself this evening at the very end of my endurance.

I cannot go one step further like this, all by myself. While there are people in my life, there is not a single person on this earth that I would call a friend, not a single individual who knows who I am, what I think, what I want, my hopes, fears, dreams…this prolonged solitude has wrought real and lasting damage to my soul, to the point where I am now unable to connect with anyone at all, even should they appear to me.

Heal my soul, I beg You, Lord, and lead me to real and lasting, mutually soul-nurturing friendships. It is our deepest need, Lord, surely you will not leave this child of Yours wanting. Please lead me along still waters and to green pastures, until I come home to You. Forgive me my sins, and look with favor on you lonely, lonely child, I pray.

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