Prayer for Special Needs Student

by Kristen (New York City)

Dear God,

Help me to help this child who is hurting others and is in so much pain himself. God, give me patience and let love guide me as I help him to grow as an individual. Let me not teeter on the edge of giving up, but provide hope, structure, love and safety to all of the students in my class.

Tell me when it is time to be tough and when it is better to let things go. It is out of my control and in your hands. All I can do is prepare myself appropriately and offer love and laughter to my students with emotional needs. I feel frustrated and helpless right now, God, but I trust that you will show me another way.

I want this year to be great. I’m looking to you for answers. Bless this boy and give him peace at home and in school. Let his painful words not affect the other emotionally fragile students in my class. Amen.

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