Prayer for Special Intention

by Anthony ()

heavenly father, in the name of jesus christ, and through the intercession of the blessed virgin mary.

please pray for my 4 children’s future.
* pray for son mark, as he need guidance for his maturity and sense of responsibility. and it’s in your hand lord god on how he able to have descent and well compensated job. god bless mark.

* pray for jeremias desires to migrate with family and work in canada. i pray that the agency will find ways, to find for a good job with good compensation, and the place and company are safe and peaceful. pray for his pending promotion from his current employer. please help him have this longing for promotion. pray for him and or for us that we will be able pay our obligation to the agency that helping him on his application.

pray also for my son jeremias to have a good vaccines at the soonest time possible.

* pray for our daughter aubrey as she need financial blessings to save money as in preparation for her soon to come bar exam. pray for her to absorb everything written on every books of law and hopeful that god will send the holy spirit and all the angels and saints, to keep her from any trouble, problem,sickness and from financial problem. pray for her online job, her good compensation that she receives and her filipino-american employer that trusted her so much.
pray for her studies until she graduated peacefully. pray for her when bar examination comes. shower her wisdom,talent,and courage, and bless her to get in to the top ten.

* pray for win bernard immaturity and his childish like attitude. pray for his current employment status,his pending regularization contract and his compensation adjustment. i pray that god will provide, for was due for

i sincerely pray to gid the father, to provide my children a good family, good life, good health, sufficient wealth and good future.

pray for our great ancestors sins, negligences and all transgression of their past life. and may the almighty god has to take away all of our fears,anxieties,worries,financial problem and the curses that we have been through.

i/we ask you for all of these, in the name of jesus, amen.

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