Prayer for Special Forgiveness

by Emmanuel (Batangas, Philippines)

My Lord and My God, we are really sorry for having offended Thee, by being so sarcastic and arrogant about special children in our lives. They’d been so much to us as You are to us and we ask for Your forgiveness, O Lord, after hurting our special brothers and sisters in Your midst.

We want to pay for all the offenses we’d committed and it is only through prayers that this may happen. Since You alone could do all things in our universe, may we do our best to sustain the lives of Your special children and with the power of Your Son and The Holy Spirit, may we treat our special brothers and sisters the way Your God, The Son treated the 12 Apostles, His martyrs and His saints. And may we, on the last days of our earthly journeys, feel Your loving forgiveness: to be with You forever.

Thank you, My Lord and My God for the gift of forgiveness!

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