Prayer for sorrow

(Fairfield, CT )

God guide me through this time of sorrow and loneliness. Please put your hands over me and guide me through this journey of uncertanty.

Give me what you know my heart yearns for and if it’s not meant to be then give me the strenght to carry on without deeper pain than what I was already carrying within me. Grace me with your ever lasting love and fill me with it every day of my life. Don’t allow me to go into a deep depression over things that I cannot change.

Guide me and protect me from all of my enemies that only want to see me hurt so that they feel better about themselves. God help me not hold resent me towards those people who want to deeply hurt me. Allow me to see those that want the best for me.

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  1. Life is a story

    Life is a story. It is a parable we live through day by day. Just as a parable has a hidden meaning, so, too, the events of our daily living have significance and deeper meanings.

    Our present and our past are important components of who we are. We like to hold onto the past, and we strive to make the present the best it can be.

    God the greatest storyteller of all is a part of our past and our present. He can shape our parable for us if we will let him. When we do so, we can be confident that our story has a happy ending.

    I don’t have any idea what the outcome of my story will be, Lord, but I thank you for giving my life an interesting and unique plot. Go with me through the chapters of my life. Lord. Amen!

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