Prayer for sons, Kirk, Trent and myself Nina

by Nina ()

My son, Kirk had a stroke and is ok except it left him with short term memory so he is living in a home
that is very nice but he is getting so much better that he wants to go home but he cannot because of
his short term memory. Please pray that he will try to be a little bit more patience with the Lord because
I know that the Lord will restore his memory sooner or later.

Trent my other son is very upset with me about money that I lost and I have not seen him since 2015
or talked to him since 2016. I have ask his forgiveness but so far it is not forth coming. I have put hi
completely in God’s hands so that I am not concerned about his situation. I don’t worry about things
but put them in God’s hand and when you don’t worry you can sleep at night but if you worry you
usually can’t but I am concerned about his well being and I think that that is completely different than

Nina is having hip and back problems because of a bad fall. She is 83 years old and is in pretty good shape except that this fall has set her back.

Also I do wish that you would tell everyone when they go thru the lines at the stores and the clerk
tells him to have a nice day to please say YOU HAVE A JESUS BLESSED DAY instead of saying just
saying have a blessed day. If they are not a Christian they will not know who is blessing them!!

We Christians must start standing up for ourselves and not let the world take over out wonderful
nation. If everyone would start saying HAVE A JESUS BLESSED DAY then people would start wanting
to know more about our JESUS!!

Do pray that you will pass this one to Dr. Stanley and he will pass it on to his flock and maybe
then everyone in the US will at lease know that we Christians are trying to let the world know about

Thank you ever so much for your prayers and your continued support.

In His love and Jesus blessings to all,


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