Prayer for Sons and grand babies

by Cheryl (Leland, NC 28451 USA)

I am requesting prayer for me and my two sons. They both are going through some personal issues. My oldest son has separated from his wife and lost his job. He came to NC to find work and left his family in ATL. God grant him the strength to do what he has to do to take care of his kids and help him to be able to go back to ATL with his kids. My younger son is not married but has a little girl with this bi-polar girl. She lived in my house with baby for about five years. I am praying for the baby momma’s soul, because she is living in sin. She was basically using us while she lived in our house. She was still seeing other guys behind my son’s back. My son got hipped to what she was doing and now she is being vindictive – lied and said my son was beating her and she was afraid he would hurt the baby. We had the baby all this time with and without her being there and my son never hurt the baby. He did not hurt the momma either, but she is trying to hurt my son by taking the baby. She is now living with another guy that she dated before my son. She has my baby girl there as well. Please pray for my baby girl that God will prevail over the situation.

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