Prayer for son who is acting out

by Rina (USA)

My 6 year old son is often getting in trouble in school. He is very hyper and always wants to gain acceptance from other children by acting “funny”. He also has started lying to avoid consequences and is acting very disrespectful to adults. I don’t think he intends to be perceived as “naughty”, but more just searching for negative attention all the time.

He is so very smart and I just want his behavior to stop overshadowing that in school. I also want his beautiful personality to shine through without all the negativity that he is currently getting from everyone else, including myself. Which brings me to my behavior.

I get so frustrated with his behavior that I know I am not handling him the way the Lord wants me to. So please pray for my precious boy to be the boy the Lord wants him to be, and also pray for me to be the parent the Lord want me to be. Thank you to all who are choosing to pray for me, and God bless you!