Prayer for son, my stress, anxiety and worry

by Debra Mcfarland (Cypress, Texas)

Our Father which art in Heaven, forgive me my sins. I pray for my son, Eugene McQueen II who is struggling with an addiction and a mind of confusion. Father God, destroy every yoke and demonic attack that is against him. And when I see his problems and situation it causes me to worry, have anxiety and stress. My nerves are truly on edge. I know God did not give me the spirit of fear, worry and stress. May every organ line up to the proper functions in my body and no sickness come near my camp. I pray for God to remove these worries from my life thru the deliverance of my son and may God always keep his feet free. May God open up a window and allow him to realize that his life is complete with him. Numb his ears to the devils workshop….numb his heart to ugly things, clean his mouth with no profanity, clear his mind and put it completely on Jesus and give him respect, love and forgiveness, and be remorseful for all his wrong….Fix it Jesus, fix it.

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