Prayer for Son Deploying to War Zones

by D Phillips (Oklahoma)

Well this afternoon reality kicked in, I know most people may say wow that lady has it together. My son had already told me he might be going to Afghanastan, but when he comfirmed it did not feel so good. We know when you raise your children you think when they are 18 some people say well it is time for you to leave the nest. But when they go out in the world to so many dangers you just want to say hey it’s okay to stay home.

I truly believe in my Lord and saviour Jesus. And I know that this young man do believe and have the faith beyond most of the men I know. So I say this prayer father he is your child and I know you will watch over him and all the other people who are over there fighting. by the way he is 25 and his first trip over there was when he was 18.

Dear Lord I know the song writer says he searched all over and good not find nobody, nobody greater then you Lord. Well I know and it may have taken a few years for me to realize that there is nobody no greater then you Lord. So watch over my best friend, he as been through good and bad days. He has seen things that others maynot have seen. When you blew breath in me to deliver him, I knew you had a master plan. So send your bravest and toughest angel to watch over him. Because I know I am his mother and very brave I am. But you are the strongest the alpha and the omega. I ask all of this in your son Jesus name amen.

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