Prayer for Son

by Joanne ()

Please pray for our son and for us. He is 18 and we just found out he has been having a secret relationship with a 38 year-old male co-worker for a year and we are very disturbed. Our son does not think there is anything wrong with this relationship. However, constant texting (as much as 50 times a day) is also disturbing. He is seeing a Christian counselor (only 2 times so far) and I am praying this works out. Tough love wants me to tell him absolutely no communication with this man, and to confront this man and tell him to stay away from our son, but our son is very sensitive, doesn’t want to be “controlled” and says he will move out if we insist this “friendship” stops. I also need prayers to know what to say to my son in an adult conversation, expressing my deep concern over this, yet remain loving and caring. I’m at a total loss. Please pray for discernment and wisdom. Prayers also that God leads my son in the right direction, even if my son says he wants to lead his own life and “does not need us or God in my life.” Prayers too for my husband who is very angry at my son for even thinking this relationship is good for him. He is a very intense father and I’m afraid my son will, in fact, leave if words get heated again as they did last Sunday. Prayers to heal their relationship. Thank you!

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