Prayer for someone I’m in love with

Dear God, I want to give you thanks for everything I have in my life, including that special person that has came to change my life unexpectedly. I pray for you to protect her, to make her happy, to give her hope, to guide her and to give her health. I also pray so that I can become a better person, to be there for her whenever she needs it and to be able to make her happy. I really don’t want you to give her everything she wants, but rather what you consider that is the best for her. I pray for you to help her, and make it able for me to always be there for her, so that she can beat any difficulties that may come in her life. I want to pray for her family as well, I hope they can be healthy, love eachother and grow loving you too.

I pray so that I can become a person worthy of her love, let me discover my own faults and be able to change my bad habits, as well as finding the motivation to do so.

But still, even if she’s not the right person for me, I want you to always bless her, and let me never forget what great changes she has made in my whole life.