prayer for someone i love

by Don (Philippines)

Lord God pls hear my prayer.i love this guy so much and he is struggling right now.i pray that you will give him hope and guide him in this life.provide him the clarity he needs and point him the right direction for him to go.i want to be the reason for his happiness and i want to spend the rest of my life with him.

i just hope that he realizes how important he is in my life and im the one who will always be there for him.pls change his heart so that he will become faithful.i want to marry him someday but right now im begging you lord to pls bind us together..keep us strong..and let our love for each other grow more.i love him lord and i know you know that.pls dont take him away from me.pls fix our relationship and let our troubled heart be filled with peace and love for each other.i hope he appreciates every effort that i do to make him feel better.i love him so much that i want to give him everything he needs..

take him to places hes never been to…and always be there no matter what.pls save our relationship.pls let us feel your love for us lord.grant us the joy..peace..and clarity so that we may live in harmony..full of love and hope everyday.may we have more and more experiences together.may we have the courage and strength to overcome the challenges life brings.

bless us everyday and guide us to become worthy of being your children.i trust in you lord that you have heard my prayer and that you will never leave have forgiven all our sins.In Jesus name.Amen