Prayer for Solving My Mom’s Case

by Yvonne (Mississauga Ontario)

Loving God,

Thank you for the beautiful morning, for my health, my family,and my friends. Thank you most of all for my mom.

God, I am so worried about her today. She is going through a real test and I am praying that you be with her and give her strength, confidence, the perfect words and the heart to get through her challenge. People are listening ot her and will be looking to make her experience difficult. Help her loving God, send her a few angels to give her the perfect words and courage to win her case. Similarly, give her lawyer and her consultant the perfect words too. Please keep her calm, relaxed, and at peace with the situation. Help her to remember all the important and relevant points and to be able to speak in Polish. Love her, wrap around her, send her all the protection she needs to come out of this feeling positive, and being successful. She has worked so hard, loving God, her whole life wanting nothing but the best for everyone. Please help her in this situation.

I ask this in Your loving name and in the name of Jesus Christ,

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