Prayer for Softness in my son’s heart

by Kuang (Malaysia)

Dear Almighty God

I asked for your help before and I ask for your help now for I know not where else to seek for help and for peace of mind. You are my heart and You are my life for I leave all my burdens to you so that I may live in sanity. God, please come into my life now as I seek your help to soften my first born’s heart. He is always angry, always stressed and always feeling low so much that God it hurts me when I see him like that. I want the best for him but he is not moving on with his studies and his future. My husband and I are at our wit’s end in pushing him. While my husband is deteriorating internally in health and appearance and keeping his pains to himself and not saying a word, my behaviour is also becoming more mean as I shout and scream from time to time hoping that he will work out a life for his future. Although I get very worrid and anxious about the first born, most times, I can find peace and forgiveness when I talk to you but my son and husband are both becoming less and less peaceful with themselves. My husband is losing faith in the son and the son is getting more uptight and stressed. I therefore ask that You God help both of them to forgive each other and to let go of the past. Please soften my son’s heart so that he will not hate us for the things we did as parents when we were young. Give my son strength to move on with life now so that he will have a bright future. Instill him with love so that he will love us back. Fill his heart wiht softness and gentleness so that the words that spill forth from his mouth are kind and gentle. Show him love and give him hope God so that we are family again. Soften his heart God, help my son find a way to let go of the past and to live for the present. Surround him with kindness, goodness, gentleness, success, health, wealth, diligence, hope, peace, serenity, love and affection.

Dear Almight God, fill him with kindness and laughter and relaxation and peace, peace, peace and peace. Amen