Prayer for Smooth Transition to Honor My Parents



Our hearts are sad as we have finally come to the point of needing to place our dear father in a nursing home. Please bless those who will care for him and give him peaceful and loving thoughts as he continues his struggle with Alzheimer’s. May he feel Your love each and every day in his new home, surrounded by family and by professionals who have You in their hearts.

And as your faithful servant, our mother, transitions to her new life without her husband at her side, may she know You are by her side every step of the way. She has cared for our father graciously and thoroughly and she is tired. Please help her to rest and heal so she can be strong for her husband, our father, each and every day. May their daily visits be blessed with You in the center. And may she be at peace with her new life.

And as my husband and I sell our house in order to move to the state my parents are in and take my mother in to live with us, please help us to sell quickly and profitably. We do not seek riches, just enough so we can make my mother comfortable and happy in a place where we can all laugh again. Help us to find the right home for us all to be joyful and loving together as a family.

This is an emotionally trying time for us as a family but we remain confident that You have been guiding us in our decisions (and in times when we were not making decisions quickly enough!) every step of the way. Help me to be patient and know that the waiting for the house to sell is temporary, and I will be able to care for both of my parents, in whatever ways I am useful, soon enough. It’s all in Your time.

Thank You for always knowing what is best for me and for my family. Help me to always listen for Your answers.


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