Prayer for smooth selling and finding land to build our new home.

by Edwina (Malaysia)

Dear St Joseph,

With selling my house, I believe that my expenses, unpaid bills and debts can be settled and giving us a chance to start over for a better future without worry about lack of money anymore. I believe and have faith that with your divine intervention me and my family can get our life in a perfect order and be guided to the right path. I am praying for a quick, profitable and smooth transaction selling of our home to an honest buyer.

Please assist me and my husband to find and buy a new place with a spacious good land, good environment and neighbours, with a basic necessity to build our new perfect home that is near to our other family because I love to have them near me and my family.

Please protect us from any harm, bad intention and all form of blocking when dealing this.

Thank you St Joseph.. please hear me and grant me your blessing. Amen

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