Prayer for Single Mothers

by Shana (Raleigh, NC)

Dear God,

I know you have been listening to prayers. I know because you have answered many of them and for that I am beyond grateful.

God, I love you for who you are. I think you daily for the countless blessing you pour upon my days with just waking me and my loved one up each day.

God, I know I have my short comings and I pray for deliverance.

God, as of today, I am 3 months behind on my car note, moving this week and with no ideal how I’m going to afford food for my children until my next payday.

My Son, such an amazing child, turns 16 this Friday, all he’s asked for is go out to dinner and I can barely afford to buy him a card.

I’ve got bills bills and more bills.. I’m a not afraid because I have GOD in my heart, I know HE will see us all through these trying times, things will get better. I have faith that HE will deliver.

Thank you GOD and praise your HOLY name.

In Jesus name… AMEN!!!

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