Prayer for Single Mother of sons

by Latoshia ()

Dear GOD,

I come to you in prayer. This is the not the life I envision having but the life you’ve in tented for me to have. You’ve place two of your precious gift in my life that love whole heartily.

Heavenly Father, Heavenly Father, you already know my situation and my heart. I come to you in prayer for a GOD fearing man, with a loving and caring heart. A man who you picked for me and my two sons. A man who is lead by you; who can lead us with ease and certainly knowing that he’s guided by you.

I have faith that with your help that I can raise my sons but GOD I need man who will love, protect, lead, and grow with while I am here on Earth. My sons deserves a man who will teach and guide them to how to be men. Show them decipline, love, and gudience in hopes they will continue to do so with their children that comes after them.

I pray that when the time is right that you will bless us with an Earthly protector and man who you choose to lead and love us unconditionally, as a man, husband, and father should. I pray that I won’t have to continue to raising my sons alone. It’s getting harder and harder by the minute. I pray for my family unity to be restored. We need a LEADER IN OUR LIFE AND HOME!!

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