Prayer for settlement abroad

by Shruti (Meerut)

Heavenly Father , I thank you for everything you have given me so far i praise you for blessing me with all your love and affection.

I ask you for helping me settle in Copenhagen along my future husband whom am i going to marry on 27 th feb . He is trying very hard and has shown alot faith in you my dear lord. Don’t send him empty handed. Fill his heart with your blessings over his work. I have alot of faith in you my dear lord. But now when people have questioned me on your faith i cannot resist a second. I need your blessings to show them your magic of believing in you and trusting in you. I surrender all my future in your hands in the hope that before it’s too late you will heal me high my dear lord. May the world be your follower and they choose your ways. May people take your name again and again. May there come a land where you are their only Lord.
In your name
I surrender myself Lord