Prayer for Selling our home so we can continue with relocating.

St. Joseph, please send a loving, caring, pet loving family to buy my home very shortly. It’s not just about the selling of our home but of the continued feeding of my semi feral cats that I feed. It is a tall order I know because of my request for the cats, the timing, the house is large and rather expensive.

I do have confidence that you will send that family to our home. This will be my 3rd time to have ask for your help. You came through with flying colors on the last two transactions. This request will be one of my most challenging ones but not yours. Also, I have been “preaching” your ability to sell houses to many people.

I have two people now, that think I am a little crazy for burying our statue. Please help me prove them wrong. Thank you, thank you for making this all happen.

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