Prayer For Selling Business

by Christina (Canada)

I am praying and asking for help to support my five children and myself as we are in deep Debt and Dad is in Jail. I have no alternative than to sell off our equipment from our small business to pay off debt and save our home I ask for Gods guidance in helping me also make good decisions.

I Pray that Matt gets the loan to by the equipment and that I find a job after that allows me more time with my children I pray also for there Father that he finds peace in himself and that he becomes the man we once knew.

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  1. Selling our family business

    I’m praying for Our Lord to assist me in the sale of my family business. My mother had undergone breast removal surgery and still toils daily. I’m ready and wanting to go to law school. My father passed away over Eight years ago and this business has lost it’s luster for us. Please help sell it to someone who will profit from it enormously in the near future. Let us receive our just rewards for our toil also. It will accomplish two important tasks simultaneously

  2. selling family business

    Dear Merciful Lord. We lost our beloved father over 11 years ago. He owned and operated a small restaurant in Michigan. My Mom and I have held on to it through the economic downturn. Her health is not good as she is a survivor of breath cancer. We both work very hard 7 days a week. Please o Merciful Lord allow her to retire and enjoy some of her hard work. All me to return to grad school so I can pursue a public service degree in order to satisfy my intellectual curiosities and fulfill your own objective of servicing mankind. Please o Merciful Lord as soon as possible bless 8s and most importantly bless our future owners with fantastic business and strong health and happiness. Please o Merciful Lord. Do this as quickly as possible

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