prayer for self improvement

by Bee (Gloucester, England)

Dear Lord,

I pray for your help to allow me to learn to ignore those at work who are not doing their work and are doing their personal business in work time, because at the moment it really upsets me. but i need help to learn to overlook this and not to resent it.

I go to work and I don’t really gossip and waste time, but can get into trouble if the boss thinks something take me too long, yet it can take others just as long but nothing is said to them.

I am always finding mistakes from my boss because she does things so fast she doesn’t check them properly. The boss will gossip on her mobile phone at work, but the other lady who has her phone at work gets sarcastic comments from the boss if the phone makes a noise.

This is making me hate to go to work there, i have tried applying for other jobs because of this, but with no luck, and can’t just give up work, it is making my health suffer.

Please pray for this to end for me so i can put these things behind me and get on with my work and enjoy going to work again.

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  1. Look at the face in the mirrow

    Seems like to me you are pointing the finger. I wonder what your co-workers might say about you. take a moment to examine yourself… seems odd that you are the only one doing the right thing at work.

  2. I Hope Your Wish Comes True

    I understand what you’re going through. I’m having a similar problem at work now. I work hard, treat everyone with respect and spend extra time making things run smoothly but one of my bosses prefers my coworker because he lies all the time. He pretends he knows what he’s doing when he doesn’t, he pretends he’s done a task when he hasn’t and he pretends he has no problems with our work environment but complains to me and my coworkers when our bosses are gone.

    I often want to quit now but do not yet have a new job to move into.

    I hope that your situation improves and I think it’s great that you want to ignore it. Maybe you could write things down in a journal as well to help you de-stress and perhaps come up with more ways to cope with the situation.

    Good luck! I wish you the best.

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