Prayer for Seeking the Word of the Lord

by Lorna (US)

Oh my sweet Jesus, never humble enough I seek Your special comfort and love. Nothing can fill my empty heart but heaven. Not able to understand this completely but I do believe You are hope. I am not able to be who the Father has created me to be ..

I am weak and full of self. I am unable to forgive my husband his failures because my hurts are too painful. I dont know how to let go .. I dont know how to surrender, I have had this conversation many times with You and feel embarrassed I have not listened to Your voice. I am a very stubborn slow student. Please forgive me my sins all of them of my whole life.

Do you want me to be married to my husband Len? I am not happy and realize I am probably the problem. PLEASE SHOUT TO ME – PLEASE SHOW ME WHERE THE HAPPINESS IS – PLEASE SEND DIVINE INTERVENTION TO MY FAMILY – WE NEED A MIRACLE.
I love you in all my weakness, I do. Lorna