Prayer for Seeking the Lord’s Help

by India (Houston)

Dear Heavenly Father,

I come to you Jesus with all that i am. lord you know my financial situation right now you know where my husband & i stand with jobs Jesus i pray for guidance, strength,knowledge & courage.

dear God that u please heal all the worry in both our hearts lord we only want to provide fo rour children & keep a roof over their heads dear God father i just ask you Lord for the healing & knowledge to remember & trust that we can do all things through you Lord God.

help us to maintain the same faith we had going through other storms Jesus Lord i’ve seen your work for you have brought me through it all Jesus & has always shown me that you will not leave me nor forsake me God i’m just asking that you hear me once again Jesus hear my cry for help for there is just so much at risk.

Lord i know your an all time God Jesus so i’m begging you dear Lord help me find peace with knowing its going to be okay & that it is already done in your Holy Name Jesus I beg & pray dear Lord

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