Prayer for seeking God’s help for a job

Dear Heavenly Father,

God of everything that is and that will ever be, thank you for all that I have. Lord bless me today with the opertunity to use the skills that you have given me over these past years. Open the eyes of employers. God, point out my assets to them as I send in my applications. God give me the opportunity to support myself doing the things that I love to do and doing the things that I’m good at.

Bring people into my life that will help me grow as a professional. Don’t forget me Lord. Remember me today and my struggles. Grant me strength and wisdom while seeking this job Lord. Thank you God for hearing me today and setting in motion the things that need to happen for me to secure employment. Thank you for your love.

Thank you for your awesome grace. Thank you for hearing and responding to your child.

In the name of Jesus and everything that is good and right in the universe,


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