Prayer for Seeking financial assistance

by Caroline P (Favona, Auckland, New Zealand)

Lord, I thank you for all he miracles and blessings you’ve worked in my life. I know I am unworthy of your kindness but I know only you can see the need that is in my heart. This year has been a big learning curve for me and you have always been right there to push me along when I was ever in doubt.

Right now I’m in a tight situation and need you so much now more than ever, we have a family reunion in my homeland that I and my family are meant to attend but finance hasn’t been so good. I ask lord that you work a miracle and enable us to make it. Pray that you be with my grandfather who is ill at this moment and is the main reason why this trip is a must be there situation as we don’t know if you may call him home soon.

Lord you are the giver and taker of all things, and the main provider of our lives! Praying that with your grace we can make this journey. Thank you Lord now and forever, Amen

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