Prayer for Security of my Job

Praise the Lord. My dear brothers and sisters in Christ please pray for me.

I am working in Ghana for almost 2 years and till now my visa for Ghana has not been done and my passport is also expired I am very disturbed and upset I dont know what to do because I dont want to go back to India, my dear brothers and sisters in Christ I also request prayer for the security and safety of my Job here my job is a problem i am facing great difficulty in my job I am going through plenty of problems in my work there are some people who doesnt like me especially there is new sales manager you who is bringing plenty of problem and also some other people they wants to bring trouble on me please pray for my boss Manish and Vinod so that by the grace of Jesus Christ I may receive there continuous support please pray for me I am in a very big difficulty please pray for me to get the residence visa for Ghana please pray for a miracle in my life.

Thank you Jesus Praise you Jesus.