Prayer for second chances,

Dear Lord,

I look to you for guidance and help. I am in a very heart breaking and a painfully difficult situation in my relationship. It is with confidence I come to you, seeking your visible and speedy help and support. My other half have been saying extremely hurtful things and have made me feel unworthy.

Points out my imperfections and it makes me sad, as it makes me feel he takes me for granted. I can not tell him how much pain he is causing. I am not heard. I come to you with both my hands in front of me, praying for my other to respect, love, and treat me well. To find me worthy, and speak well to me. I pray for him to stop breaking my heart until it bleeds dry.

I pray that he will instead find the courage to give me a Second chance. Not worrying about what others may think and say. I really don’t want him treating me unworthy when he thinks about what others will say. I want him to start treating me with love and respect.

How I treat him. Lord Jesus Christ, please bring me visible and speedy help. As my heart is breaking each day he is refusing to give me a Second chance. I hope to make us work regardless of what we have said to each other. Done. How we made each other feel, sometimes.

I hope we can have a fresh start, by giving each other a Second Chance. Please bring me visible and speedy help, Lord Jesus Christ. Where help is as almost despaired of. Lord, I place this cause in your hands. Amen.