Prayer for Second Chance

by Theiy Francisco (Pampanga, Philippines)

Lord, we praise and adore You.. I am sorry for all the things I’ve done against Your will. We thank You Oh Lord for Your guidance. Lord, for two years are relationship was not perfect, there were ups and downs but You were always there to guide us, to have patience and strength to stay on our love.

You know are love for each other is the greatest thing that ever happened to us. But all of a sudden his love changed, without any explanations why. He just said that he needs rest and time for his family. I gave him that, but it’s been 3months since he walked away.

One time I asked him what really happened, he said that the magic was lost and I can’t believe that it will be just like that. You know that I love him so much that its really hard for me to let go but I pray to You Lord to help me and give me more strength to overcome this heartache. I am still hoping that one day, his love will lead him back home to me.

We have promises with each other, that until the end we will always be together, that no matter what happens, our love will never fade. Lord right now, I’m lost, I feel so all alone and I don’t how to keep on going, I’m not sure of my future anymore.. Oh God, all I’m asking is a second chance for the two of us. To have this relationship work again. Please enlighten his mind and heart. That all his love for me will ignite again. That the magic will restore and we will again be a happy couple like what we have promised to each other.

Lord God, please make him realize that we are made for each other, that I will be the only person who will accept him as him, that I am the only one who will love him no matter what. For all my heartaches and pain right now is not comparable to the love I am feeling for him. I love him so much that I will forgive him for all the things he did to me, for causing me pains in my heart.

Lord I am asking for happiness and that happiness is him. Please God, if in case he is not the one for me, please give me more strength to accept that. Lord I hope this is not a selfish pray, but I really love him so much that its really hard to let him go and I’m still hoping someday our love for each other will be born again and we will be back again to each others arms. This I ask in Jesus name, Amen..