Prayer for Second Chance with My True Love

by John (Los Angeles)

Saint Jude please pray for my soul mate and one true love. We have been together for years and endured so much pain and suffering, both individually and as a team.

Right now we both need to the strength to move past these issues and reconcile. I know that you are the patron of lost causes or those that are almost despaired of. I have faithfully prayed to you since I was a small child, due in great part to my Grandmother, You have always answered my prayers for her, in relations to her Alzheimer’s disease, I need your assistance once again.

We are slowly drifting apart, further as each day passes and yet I know we both still believe there is a chance.

Please help us in this situation, for us, our famines and our child. I promise, as I have always said to be ever mindful of this assistance you will provide.

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