Prayer for school loans

Over the past 8-9 years I’ve accrued school debts, credit card, small loan, and everything else kind of debt and because I’ve chosen as kid to not pay them back my credit is completely screwed and the debt pile is overwhelming.

I know that I made these decisions myself because I looked at it as “free money” but it’s not and I need some serious help fixing this. I know what I have done is completely wrong but I can’t change the past and I confess all of this and want to be transparent and truthful if I want help.

I’m a waiter at a restaurant because that’s the only job my credit will allow me to get and the pay isn’t enough to sustain myself and fix all of this.

I think that credit consolidation can be a good thing for some, but for me I believe the right thing to do because of my actions is that these companies that I’ve borrowed from should be paid in full since I used their money in full.

I’ve been praying for help but I need a miracle, like winning the lottery miracle. Please help.

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