prayer for saving my relationship

dear god, my relationship is on the verge of ending. surrounded by the vices and the temptations of the world my partner is claiming we are too different. our love has faded and she’s going away. save us. dont let us go. we believe in you. i believe in you. i believe in us. help us hold on through this storm.

help us hold on to what is good. help us hold on to what you gave both of us. get satan out of her mind and her soul. remove his evil thoughts away from her and help her reject him and the fake promises he is giving. help her realise only you can give real love and you have given it to us. help her see the light and realise that what we have is of you.

clear her mind and give us a miracle. let her say to me, lets hold on and move on together. let her say to me, god be with us. god will see us through.

give us a miracle. save us.