Prayer for Saving My Father’s Life

by HJ (.)

It’s not really a story, but as I sat waiting for father to come out of his doctor’s office, I remembered to write a post to thank God and St Jude for his recovery. So many times doctors did not know whether he could make through it or not.

Yet prayers were ultimately answered – I thank You so much for saving him, giving him another chance. I wish he would start believing in God, but I guess it would take a while. Thank You so much.

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  1. Faith

    My prayers are with your Father and you
    Go to church each Sunday
    Send a letter to your Father or call him
    Tell him you will be at church each Sunday and invite him
    To join you do not push him to go miracles happen

  2. God blessed you & him :)

    The rest will follow. Pray on his behalf, it’s the best thing ever…

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