Prayer for Saving from Depression & Hope for a Better Career and Life

by AG (V)

Dear Lord,

I believe in You and your glory.
I feel as if you are the one who can save me now, the one who will listen.
Please relieve me from this pain and suffering
Fill my sadness and despair with plentiful fruits and a renewal of love for life.

Please grant me the ability to seek the help and attention I deserve, and the ability to help and inspire others.
Fill this time with resources to get me where I needed to be 5 years ago.
Don’t let me fall into darkness or fade into depression
I can see Thee and your light shine upon me, my family, my friends that are true to me, my friends that I need to help through your granted wealth and abundance.

Please God, I ask for your forgiveness
This is the time to make things right, both of us, let’s make things right in this world.
Let’s make things right for the good of human kind, for creation, and through my ability to create, inspire and shake the dance floors/arenas.
Only through You I can see it through.

I would love to do your work, or represent you in the best way possible, creatively
Please God, I ask of you, relieve me from sin, relieve me from bills and debts, save me from this.

Today is your day. Every day is your day.
And we are here to be blessed and thankful for it
We live by your words and pray unto your Name.

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