Prayer for sanity

by Irene (Long Beach, Ca)

Dear Heavenly Father, the so-called Christian tenant ran off with 2 months of rental and using your name as a sword so i was slow to doubt him, after he took full advantage of my kindness and bullied me to bits.

I pray you will let him have no peace til he pays up, i have suffered too much financial losses and heartache to the extent that my heart feel like it is stopping, its the second time in a row that a tenant has done so this year.

I have been too naive. Please restore the losses and the sinking of my heart. Thank you for hearing my prayer and being by my side in times of suffering. Amen

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  1. God save us from your "followers"

    Lord Almighty, please help this naive fool to grow up and take responsibility for her actions or lack thereof. May she always remember that when she pulls her pants down and bends over there will always be people there ready to penatrate her deeply. Please bless the poor renters that are subject to her incompetence and folly. Please let the renters be immune to her be immune to her childish curses and foolhardy ways.

  2. Plans to prosper you

    Jesus, please bless this Renter and help them release all anger or bitterness from the “bullying” that happened. Please restore to this person all the financial gains that were lost as a result of this event. Grant this person peace of mind and forgiveness for any offense that has happened. I pray this person prospers and that they keep working with faith in the Lord that remains strong, for God has plans to prosper us and not to harm us, to give us a hope and a future.

  3. Please help me

    I ask dear god in the name of Jesus Christ your divine son.please have mercy apon me .but I think im goin crazy.I can’t stand this dysfunctional life anymore.why am I still suffering like this. I pray day and nte with a very heavy broken heart in every way from financial debts to health and safety to unhappyness and with cruel lying selfish greedy people who use and abuse me.but my lord you see all are the only one who can help me. I don’t no Wat else to do.please heal me and my very sad situation .I beg of you to bless me so much..why are others worthy and I’m not. .im a great deep caring living giving person. These animams in my lufe that use me have made me bitter yes.have destroyed my happiness and wel being.yes.please please stop them..from today I beg you to bring me happy fullfilling life wirh true love and peace and prosperity and happiness and true faithfulnes.with beauty .no worries no liars no swearing g no users .no jealously no game players .no gamblers no wicked ugly old dirty mouth greedy mother and sister inlaw who cheats lies and is a disgrace..I need a new man with a family who will adore me for all my I so deserve.I deserve beautiful house and man.and a very happy long life full of stress free living.armen

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