Prayer for Salvation of My Marriage

by Mark (PA)

I am praying for the salvation of my marriage. Inferiority, failure, fear and lack of self confidence had plagued me for years. I found myself unable to remove myself from a job of 15 years because I believed I was not capable of making a change.

I was uncomfortable in social situations because I always felt beneath the people I would meet. I began to numb myself with the effects of alcohol which eventually devestated all aspects of my life including my marriage.

The day I met my wife, I was profoundly and madly in love with her and am to this very day, however, my inability to have the strength to tackle my problems and decision to medicate with alcohol muted my affections to where she could no longer feel my love.

Things came to a head after an accident and she became increasingly distant and maintains she hasn’t decided on our future to this day which is just over a years time. I have become a different man in that year having found strength and confidence amongst many other aspects of my character that were buried inside. I have not had alcohol as a part of my life since the accident last year.

I am now health conscious in fitness and nutrition and intend to pursue a career in the field. My wife and I have been together since 2000 and a lot of good was also shared in those years. I stand before her as a new man but can’t seem to get through her heartened heart.

I think back to the day at the alter with the reading from Corinthians in reference to love and I pray for her to take those words to heart as I do. Gods will took us there and I feel it can take us through. I pray for this everyday and I can use all the support I can muster because it is a fight that I am in everyday and it is taxing on the heart.

Thank you in advance.